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“New Age Thinking” (Faber, 1996)

Not that much has been written on New Age and such from a psychodynamic, or psychoanalytic, viewpoint. An exeption from this pattern is M. D. Faber. In his book, “New Age Thinking. A Psychoanalytic Critique” (1996) ha says about this modern spirituality:

”From the psychoanalytic angle, three items stand out clearly; first, we have an overarching presence of infantile omnipotence, the egocentric, unconscious belief in one’s unlimited powers […]; second, we have the urge to fuse regressively with the environment, to attach oneself to the surrounding world (universe) in a way that denies, erases, cancels out the ever-present sense of separation which the cronologically mature individual must cope with during the course of his days on the planet; third, we have a longing for narcissistic inflation, the longing to go about in the belief that one is somehow magical, wonderful […] as opposed to being simply another regular person in the world. (Faber)

Faber, M. D. (1996). New Age Thinking. A Psychoanalytic Critique. University of Ottawa Press.


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